Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cigar Tip #1


Greetings, cigar smoking citizens of Habana Port. As a dutiful CRT, Habana Port will post cigar tips from time to time. These nuggets of information will enhance your cigar-smoking experience. Many of you may be familiar with this advice but we hope that if we can educate just one smoker then we have done our job. Enjoy this first post of many regarding cigar knowledge!

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My cigars in my humidor are too dry. What do I do?

Although one may feel overwhelmed with this problem, we can help. It could be a number of issues but some of the more common include a humidor with a faulty seal; your humidifying agents are no good; your hygrometer is not calibrated correctly which may mislead you into thinking your cigars are in the right conditions; or your humidor wasn't seasoned properly to begin with. We are more than happy to take a look at your humidor to find the problem or we can show you the humidor accessories that can fix the dry issues. Or consider our private locker program where you can store your private stock (or alcohol if you wish) & not be worried with everyday humidity maintenance as we oversee this regularly.

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