Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Become a CCT at Habana Port!


Greetings, educated enthusiasts of Habana Port! We want to inform you about Tobacconist University's Certified Consumer Tobacconist (CCT) certification program that we can assist in administering. Here are some of the details about this wonderful program for those interested:

Certified Consumer Tobacconist (CCT) is a non-professional certification with the designation CCT; it is a lifetime certification with no recurring or annual dues. The retail cost for Consumer Certification is $250† or $175 for CRA members (a 30% discount).

Consumers interested in becoming CCT will need to contact Habana Port, a CRT Sponsor. The curriculum, Training Seminars, and Post-Certification Seminars for CCT are almost exactly the same as for CRT; with the notable exception of Service College, which CCT do not have to study. CCT are the most passionate and knowledgeable consumers of luxury tobacco, as substantiated by our academic curriculum and final exam.


1. After you talk to Habana Port, you can purchase your CCT Certification in TU's Campus Store or print the CCT Intro, provide the requested information, and mail payment to TU: 66 Witherspoon St., PMB 322 , Princeton, NJ 08542. (Habana Port can mail the form for you, too!)

2. After payment is received and you accept the CCT Code of Ethics & Standards, you will be listed on the CCT webpage.

3. Register on the TU Forums to download the CCT Apprentice Seminars from the Certified Tobacconist & Apprentice section: TU will have to grant you special access to this section.

4. Contact Habana Port, your CRT Sponsor and agree upon a date/time to take the final exam. Habana Port must request the final exam from TU two weeks ahead of test date/time.

5. Take the final exam with Habana Port. (You can even smoke a cigar while you take the test! What other college allows that?!) Sign and seal the test; Habana Port will mail back to TU.

6. Wait up to one month for test results, diploma, and lapel pin. Test re-take fee is $50.

A Consumer Tobacconist candidate must study TOBACCO COLLEGE, ACCOUTREMENTS COLLEGE, and TASTE COLLEGE as well as the FAQ & GLOSSARY to attain the requisite knowledge for TU Certification. Unlike a Certified Retail or Salesforce Tobacconist, a Consumer Tobacconist does not have to attend SERVICE COLLEGE. All of the independent study is conducted through the internet-based curriculum and Apprentice Seminars sent directly from TU. In order to pass the final exam and earn TU Certification, a candidate must score 80% or better. Upon successful completion of the final exam the apprentice earns TU Certification and all the benefits and privileges associated with it.

Certified Consumer Tobacconists (CCT) are the most passionate consumers of luxury tobacco. They are the TU infantry, giving loyal patronage to Certified Retailers, knowledgeable feedback, engaging in peer-to-peer teaching, and they epitomize the values of self-learning and connoisseurship. After earning their certification, CCTs receive an array of benefits and privileges commensurate with their extraordinary accomplishment.

† The CCT degree is a lifetime certification with no annual fees. If you fail the final exam, the test re-take fee is $50. Only one re-take per year is allowed, a minimum of four weeks after the first.

If you have any questions about earning your CCT certification, do not hesitate to call us at 985-809-1818 or email us at info@habanaport.com.

Until the next post, siempre fumando,

Habana Port

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