Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cigars As An Investment Vehicle


Greetings faithful fans of Habana Port. Now we all know gold has seen record highs the past year but what about other investment vehicles? Some savy investors look to precious metals other than gold, fine cars, real estate, even art (including comic books). Some investors buy wines known as investment wines. These are usually vintage bottles that are rare yet famous and quite desired. Typically the price and value of the wine appreciates over time (due to rarity and other factors).

The same principle can be applied to cigars. A fine handmade cigar is a luxury and right now the premium cigar industry is ripe with many boutique and small-batch cigar lines. Many are limited in production so there is an intrinsic value to these cigars. Many scrupulous cigar collectors are purchasing these cigars and storing them while the price of these cigars increases in value after a few years.

Our partner site at CigarEarth.com is a great cigar retailer that offers these precious cigars. Their e-commerce-based humidor offers a variety of rare cigars that will increase in value over time thereby making the investment a smart one for you, the buyer. All one has to do is visit the site and glance over the premium cigar category.

Some rare cigars that will earn you a return if you hold onto the cigars include EP Carrillo Short Run 2011s, the microbatch Four Kicks (which is only found in less than 120 shops around the world), the Padilla by Studio Tobac 2011, the La Verite 2008 by Tatuaje (a concept similar to a single-lot vintner and this is the first from Pete Johnson; very rare!) and Viaje's Holiday Blend 2011.

This cigar is almost guaranteed to see a great return on investment in just 5 years. Get them at CigarEarth.com while we have them.

Of course if you are a just a regular cigar fan and do not wish to buy cigars as an investment vehicle, CigarEarth.com offers great and competitive prices on regular production cigars like Acid Blondies and Montecristo cigars.

And what is finally great about the fine Certified Retail Tobacconists at CigarEarth.com is that you can email them at info@cigarearth.com and they will respond to you quickly. They don't make you feel like a rookie as they love to spread the passion of the fine cigar and take their time delightfully educating you.

So if you would like to diversify your investments, then consider the brown gold also known as the cigar, but make sure to buy from a trusted and knowledgeable retailer like CigarEarth.com who can show you what you need based on your preferences and goals.

Until the next post, siempre fumando,
Habana Port

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